Our Service

Connectiff offers two comprehensive and bespoke settling-in packages as well as highly individual and flexible consultation and personal assistance services. The MunichConnect packages are designed to provide clients with in-depths knowledge of local places, facilities and services tailored specifically to their personality and areas of interests.

The MunichConnect packages I & II consist of the following elements:

  • Initial consultation to understand the client’s personality, lifestyle, needs and areas of interest
  • Research and scouting
  • Personal handover of individual reference guide including a personalised digital map
  • Escorted tour focusing on one area of interest
  • Follow-up and review call or meeting
  • Exclusive monthly newsletter

The MunichConnect II package includes an additional half day of personal assistance and support that can be disposed of freely.

Completion of a MunichConnect package approximately takes two weeks.

Complementary Services:

  • Personal assistance
  • Individual consultation
  • Special occasion planning

Through our complimentary services we provide support with administrative and living formalities, day to day matters, cultural and local peculiarities and anything else that preoccupies our clients. From daunting official letters to dealings with the landlord, from finding a babysitter to organising a birthday party. Our clients can always rely on our help and support to make life easier.

We speak English. Nous parlons français. Hablamos Español.