Who uses Connectiff?

Connectiff’s clients are discerning individuals, foreigners and expats, who have recently moved to Munich as well as their partners, spouses and children. There is no stereotypical client – all newcomers to Munich could do with a helping hand at some time or another.

Why should I use Connectiff?

Connectiff’s settling-in service is an essential investment as it will remove the stress from adjusting to everyday life in Munich, while presenting you with everything you need to get the most from you lifestyle; leaving you free to focus on your work commitments and enjoy your new life here.

What makes Connectiff unique?

Connectiff provides a bespoke settling-in service for foreigners and expats in Munich with a focus on personal time, interests and leisure. Clients can rely on a higher level of service and focus on their individual needs. The service encompasses every aspect of life and Connectiff will bring the same level of professionalism to each task, however small. Recommendations are thoroughly researched and made with the clients’ personal preferences in mind. Connectiff’s service, while comprehensive, is in practice highly specific to the needs of the individual. This is what makes Connectiff unique.

How long does the service take?

As all recommendations made as part of the MunichConnect packages are highly individual and thoroughly researched, a minimum completion time of two weeks is required. Length and duration of Connectiff’s consultation and personal assistant services are specific to each assignment and will be agreed upon in advance.

What is Connectiff’s code of practice?

Connectiff will set out to understand your unique motivations, and use this knowledge to showcase those services and those parts of Munich that you may value most. Recommendations made are highly individual, honest, impartial and always thoroughly researched. Each assignment is carried out with diligence, meticulous attention to detail and delivered with care and conscientiousness. Every measure is taken to protect client confidentiality and privacy. Connectiff is not affiliated to any businesses or brands and does not receive commissions.